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GGM Chow Tze Chuen Video Event

Wing Chun Kung Fu

GGM Chow Tze Chuen Video Event

Dear IWCO Students,

Due to the global pandemic of virus Covid-19, the government of different countries posted regulations to restrict the social communication to control the spread of diseases.
In order to have our students to stay home safely and continue the interest and motivation of learning Wing Chun, International Wing Chun Organization will release some valuable videos clips of GGM Chow Tze Chuen by using Zoom Cloud meeting. It includes the 3 empty hand forms, wooden dummy and knives form, which have never been broadcasted in any social medias and website.

“GGM Chow Videos Clip Sharing” is free of charge and is limited to IWCO members by invitation only. The date and time will be announced later.

If you are interested in it, please contact your local representative of IWCO.