The mission of International Wing Chun Organization (IWCI) has the following Mission Statements:

1. To promote and popularize Wing Chun Kung Fu as developed by the Grandmaster Ip Man (Yip Man).

2. To teach and pass on, in a direct and open manner, all the teachings received from SiFu Donald Maks master Chow Tze Chuen and those personal findings that crystallized from his over 30 years of practice and contemplation on the Wing Chun Kung Fu system.

3. To teach through modernized and scientific approaches that facilitates students’ learning and communication between teacher and student. This includes, among others, the setting of syllabus and grade systems for classes, and keeping the student number of each class low to allow personalized Sifu attention and sharing which is vital for understanding and progress at the students’ end.

Through setting up school operations and the installation of qualified trainers worldwide, and with these operations overseen by supported and tight monitoring by the headquarters, we aim to help speedily bring up the number of practitioners of our lineage and their performance standard.